Video: Algebra Nspirations: Inequalities

Description: Used in just about any industry, inequalities, like equations, are fundamental building blocks of algebra. Written and hosted by internationally acclaimed mathematics educator Dr. Monica Neagoy, this video explores inequalities???concepts, properties, solutions, and notations??? connects them to real-world contexts, and uses the TI-Nspire to make the algebra meaningful. The focus of this program is on linear inequalities in one and two variables. Concepts explored: Equations, inequalities

Grade Range: 6-12, college developmental math

Curriculum Standards: CCSS.Math .Content. 6.EE.B.5, CCSS.Math. Content. 7.EE.B.4b, CCSS.Math. Content. HSA-REI.B.3

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Algebra Nspirations: InequalitiesMP4
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