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Promethean Flip Chart: Algebra Applications: Hearing Loss

Description: Hearing loss. We live in a noisy world. In fact, prolonged exposure to noise can cause hearing loss. Students analyze the noise level at a rock concert and determine the ideal distance where the noise level is out of the harmful range. Using the TI-Nspire??s Geometry tools, student create a mathematical simulation of the decibel level as a function of distance.

Grade Range: 6-12, college developmental math

Curriculum Standards: CCSS.Math. Content. HSF-LE.A.1, CCSS.Math. Content. HSF-LE.A.4

Copyright: ©2011

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Promethean Flipchart: Algebra Applications: Hearing LossFlipchart
Promethean Flipchart: Algebra Applications: Hearing Loss Flipchart