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Video Transcript: Algebra Nspirations: Rational Functions and Expressions

Description: This is the transcript for the video of same title. Video contents: After briefly reviewing the concept of inverse variation, this video explores Boyle??s law, a real world example of an inversely proportional relationship between pressure and volume of a gas. Written and hosted by internationally acclaimed math educator Dr. Monica Neagoy, it goes on to examine similarities and differences among rational functions and numbers. Finally, it takes a look at rational functions graphs and ends with a delightful example merging Euclidean and analytic geometry, thanks to the TI-Nspire technology. Concepts explored: functions, rational expressions, rational functions, asymptotes

Grade Range: 6-12, college developmental math

Curriculum Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.HSF-IF.C.7d

Copyright: ©2011

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