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A Digital Library of Resources for Quadratic Functions

Media4Math has a vast array of resources to help you teach concepts in quadratic equations and functions. This includes videos, games, worksheets, quizzes, interactives, and more. Our current library of resources for quadratic functions, with links to each collection, is shown below, but this library keeps growing.

The complete Media4Math library has over 10,000 digital resources! Get an overview: Click here.

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Instructional Resources

Assessment Resources


Algebra Applications Videos (14 resources)

Algebra Nspirations Videos (8 resources)

Math in the News (16 resources)

Definitions (8 image resources)

Formulas (2 image resources)

Tutorials--Quadratic Functions in Tabular and Graph Form (37 image resources)

Flash Interactive: Using the Quadratic Formula (1 interactive resources)

Math Solvers (8 interactive resources)

Promethean Flip Charts (7 Flip Charts)

TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator Resources (27 resources)

Tutorials: Completing the Square (4 image resources)

Tutorials: Graphs of Conic Sections (49 image resources)

Tutorials: Factoring Quadratics (11 image resources)

Tutorials: Graphical Solutions to Quadratic Equations (8 image resources)

Graphs of Quadratic Functions in Standard Form (18 image resources)

Tutoriasl--The FOIL Method (17 image resources)

Tutorials--The Quadratic Formula (12 image resources)

Tutorials: Calculating the Discriminant (10 image resources)

Power Point Presentations (9 Power Points)

Analysis of Quadratic Equations (27 interactive resources)


Completing the Square (20 worksheets)

Evaluating Quadratic Functions (20 worksheets)

Calculating the Vertex of a Quadratic (20 worksheets)

Multiple Representations of Quadratic Functions (37 worksheets)

Flash Cards: Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring (10 sets of Flash Cards)

Flash Cards: Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula (10 sets of Flash Cards)

Flash Cards: The Discriminant (10 sets of Flash Cards)

Flash Cards: Evaluating Quadratic Functions (10 sets of Flash Cards)

Media4Math Quiz Library: Graphs of Quadratic Functions (60 Quizzes)

Media4Math Quiz Library: Solving Quadratic Equations (60 Quizzes)

Media4Math Quiz Library: The Discriminant (60 Quizzes)

Media4Math Quiz Library: Conic Sections (6 Quizzes)

Media4Math Quiz Library: Interactive Quiz: Factoring Quadratics (3 Quizzes)

Media4Math Quiz Library: FOIL Method (6 Quizzes)

Word Search Puzzles (2 games)

Interactive Math Game--Algebra Jeopardy: Quadratic Functions (1 game)

Interactive Math Game--Pyrotechnic Math (1 game)

HTML5 Interactive Game: Graphs of Quadratic Functions (1 game)

HTML5 Interactive Game: The Discriminant (1 game)

HTML5 Interactive Game: The Quadratic Formula (1 game)