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Holiday-Themed Math Resources.


Media4Math has published a number of Thanksgiving-themed resoures, including our latest issue of Math in the News.

Here is a summary of our holiday resources:

  • Math in the News: Issue 107. In this issue of Math in the News we explore logarithmic functions to model the thawing of frozen turkeys. We look at USDA guidelines to determine data points and use a graphing calculator to create mathematical models.

  • Whack-a-Mole-Style Games. In these whack-a-mole style games, whack the turkeys with the correct type of numbers to get 5 points. But be careful! Whack ┬áthe wrong turkey and lose 2 points.

There are 8 games:

  • Turkey Toss. In this projectile motion game, students toss a turkey, Angry Birds style, to hit a target. Explore the relationship between the initial angle and the resulting motion.