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Free Lesson Plan Library

Media4Math has a growing library of free lesson plans that utilize the many resources found on our site. Using our Slide Show Creator tool, we aggregate instructional, assessment, and multimedia content into sustained lesson plans around key topics. Below is a sampling of our free lesson plan library. Register to become a part of our community and stay up-to-date on our newest free resources.

These lesson plans do not require that a user be logged in to Media4Math. Simply copy and paste the URL and freely use this content. You can show these lessons as presentations in your classroom. Or you can share the URL with your students to have them use these lessons as online instructional or reteaching modules.

With Slide Show Creator and our thousands of digital resources, you can create an unlimited number of instructional modules to suit your needs.

Integers and Rational Functions

What Are Integers?  
Adding Integers: Video Lesson  
Subtracting Integers: Video Lesson  
Adding and Subtracting Integers  
Multiplying Integers  
Dividing Integers  
Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers



Simple Equations

Variables and Variable Expressions  
Solving One-Step Equations  
Solving One-Step Equations--Video Lesson  
Solving Two-Step Equations



Linear and Quadratic Functions

Slope Formula  
Graphs of Linear Functions  
Linear Equations in Standard Form  
Using the Slope Formula  
TI-Nspire CX Tutorial: Slope Formula  
TI-Nspire App Tutorial: Slope Formula  
Point-Slope Form  
Slope-Intercept Form  
Exploring Linear Functions Using a Graphing Utility  
Graphs of Quadratic Functions  
What is the Discriminant?  
Solving Quadratic Equations with the Quadratic Formula  
TI-Nspire Activity: Graphs of Quadratic Functions  
Using the Quadratic Formula  

Completing the Square--Video Lesson


Professional Development

Media4Math+ Overview  
Creating Math Pages with GoogleDocs  
Media4Math+ and the Flipped Classroom  
What Is Slide Show Creator?  
Importing YouTube Videos  
Embedding Slideshare Presentations  
Creating and Embedding Infographics  
Using GoogleDocs with Media4Math+  
PD Module: Using Business Data to Teach Math




TI-Nspire App Tutorial: Isosceles Triangles  
Applications of Angles: Himeji Castle  
Applications of Triangles: Triangular Trusses



Math in the News

Math in the News: Comet Landing  
Satellite Free-Fall on a Comet  
Math in the News: Why Ebola Is So Dangerous  
Math in the News: Thanksgiving Parade Balloons
Math in the News: The Decreasing Cost of Gasoline  
Math in the News: Radio Shack's Decline  
Math in the News: 2014 Movie Statistics  
Math in the News: Issue 106  
Math in the News: The MLK Memorial



Desmos Graphing Calculator Tutorials

Desmos Tutorial: Linear Functions in Slope Intercept Form  
Desmos Tutorial: Quadratic Functions in Standard Form  
Desmos Tutorial: Linear Functions in Point-Slope Form  
Matching Coordinaes to Linear Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Quadratic Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Exponential Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Rational Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Absolute Value Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Sine Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Cosine Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Tangent Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Secant Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Cosecant Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Logarithmic Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Square Root Functions  
Matching Coordinates to Cube Root Functions



The Language of Math

The Language of Math--Numerical Expressions with Addition  
The Language of Math--Numerical Expressions with Subtraction  
The Language of Math--Numerical Expressions with Multiplication  
The Language of Math--Numerical Expressions with Division  
The Language of Math--Numerical Expressions with Grouping Symbols  
The Language of Math--Variable Expressions with Multiplication and Addition  
The Language of Math--Variable Expressions with Multiplication and Subtraction