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Resources for Teaching Integers

Media4Math has thousands of resources for you to incorporate into your math lessons. Here we bring together a sampling of materials around the topic of integers. In Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1, you are likely to start the school year with a unit on integers. Incorporate these resources into your lesson plans.

Our OER (Open Educational Resource) materials do not require that a user be logged in to Media4Math. Simply copy and paste the URL and freely use this content. You can show these lessons as presentations in your classroom. Or you can share the URL with your students to have them use these lessons as online instructional or reteaching modules.

To see our complete OER Library of free resources, click here.

OER Resources

OER Resource: What Are Integers?  
OER Resource: Adding and Subtracting Integers  
OER Resource: Multiplying Integers  
OER Resource: Dividing Integers  
OER Resource: Adding Integers--Video Lesson  
OER Resource: Subtracting Integers--Video Lesson  

OER Resource: Math Game--Zub-Zero Zapper


Instructional Resources

Video Tutorial: What Are Integers?  
Video Tutorial: Integers on a Number Line  
Video Tutorial: Integers and Absolute Value  
Video Tutorial: Comparing and Ordering Integers  
Video Tutorial: Adding Integers  
Video Tutorial: Subtracting Integers  
Video Tutorial: Multiplying Integers  
Video Tutorial: Dividing Integers  
Video Tutorial: Integers and Exponents  
Video Tutorial: Numerical Expressions with Integers  
Video Tutorial: Variable Expressions with Integers  
Video Tutorial: Integers on the Cartesian Coordinate System  
Definition of an Integer  
Tutorials: Adding and Subtracting Integers  
Tutorials: Multiplying Integers  
Tutorials: Dividing Integers  

Algebra Tiles

Math Solver: Adding Integers Using Algebra Tiles  
Math Solver: Subtracting Integers Using Algebra Tiles  
Tutorials: Modeling Integers Using Algebra Tiles  
For more resources on Algebra Tiles click here.  


Interactive Math Game--Algebra Jeopardy: Integers  
Interactive Math Game--Algebra Jeopardy: Sub-Zero Zapper  

Practice and Assessments

Interactive Flash Cards: Adding Two Integers  
Interactive Flash Cards: Adding Three Integers  
Interactive Flash Cards: Adding Four Integers  
Interactive Flash Cards: Multiplying Integers
Interactive Flash Cards: Dividing Integers  
Interactive Flash Cards: Subtracting Integers  
Interactive Quiz: Adding Integers  
PDF Quiz: Adding Integers  
Interactive Quiz: Dividing Integers  
PDF Quiz: Dividing Integers  
Interactive Quiz: Multiplying Integers  
PDF Quiz: Multiplying Integers  
Interactive Quiz: Subtracting Integers  
PDF Quiz: Subtracting Integers