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Halloween-Themed Math Activities

The holidays provide an opportunity to add some flair to the curriculum. Let this set of Halloween-themed resources alllow you to review key concepts.

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Pumpkin Pi. A multi-grade math activity that
has students explore the properties of pi.
Link to the resource.
Math Clip Art. See a collection of Halloween-themed, geometry-focused math clip art in this slide show. Link to the resource.
Visualization/Estimation Activity. Estimate the number of candy corns that will fit inside a SmartCar. Comes with worksheets and teaching tips. Link to the resource.


Spider Webs and Polygons. In this geometry-based activity, students watch a video about how a certain type of spide builds a web, then students construct their own using polygon shapes. Comes with worksheets. Link to the resource.


Math in the News. In this issue we look at statistics related to growing pumpkins. Link to the resource.


Math in the News. In this issue we look at statistics related to Halloween 2013. We explore how the economy is affecting holiday spending. We also investigate why Halloween has grown in popularity over the years.  Link to the resource.

Whack-a-Mole Games. This collection of interactive games are ideal for reviewing divisibility rules. The games included are the following. Click on the links below or see the complete collection by clicking the link on the right.

Link to the
complete collection.



Whack-a-Mole Games. An alternate set of games that show flying bats with numbers.


Link to the
complete collection.