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Resources for Teaching Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

Media4Math has thousands of resources for you to incorporate into your math lessons. Here we bring together a sampling of materials around the topic of ratios, proportions, and percents. This includes videos, interactives, and more. Incorporate these resources into your lesson plans.

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Instructional Resources

Video Tutorial: What Is a Ratio?  
Video Tutorial: Ratios with Three Items  
Video Tutorial: Fractional Ratios  
Video Tutorial: Ratios and Fractions  
Video Tutorial: Numerical Models for Ratios  
Video Tutorial: Visual Models for Ratios  
Definition: Ratio  
Definition: Rate  
Definition: Proportion  
Definition: Product Property of Proportions  
Definition: Proportional  
Math in the News: Nielsen Ratings  
Math in the News: The Iditarod Race  
Math in the News: Florida's Orange Crop  
Math in the News: The California Drought  
Math in the News: The Washington Monument Repaired  
Math in the News: The Rise of the Chinese Yuan  
Math in the News: What Is Bitcoin?  
Math Stories: Why Do Elephants Have Wrinkled Skin?  
Promethean Flip Chart: Biology  
Video: Algebra Applications: Biology  
Tutorials: Ratios and Rates  
Tutorials: Solving Proportions  
Tutorials: Equations with Percents  
Tutorials: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents  


Interactive Math Game--Fishing for Fractions  
Interactive Math Game--Fishing for Fractions: Addition  
Interactive Math Game--Fishing for Fractions: Multiplication  

Practice and Assessments

Interactive Flash Cards: Ratios from Shapes  
Worksheet: Unit Rates and Data Tables  
Quiz: Equations with Percents  
Quiz: Solving Proportions