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Halloween-Themed Math Resources October 15, 2016

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Media4Math has created a collection of math resources that are Halloween themed. This collection includes games, interactives, presentations, and more. To see the complete collection, go here.

Start with our Pumpkin π activity: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/231/Pumpkin-Pi. In this multi-grade activity students measure the diameter and circumference of different sized pumpkins, create a scatterplot, estimate the line of best fit, and determine the slope of the line. This hands-on activity is a great way to explore the concept of π, while weaving in other concepts.



Or try our whack-a-mole games. This suite of games test divisibility rules. Depending on the game, students are either “whacking” pumpkins or bats with numbers on them. Students gain points when they identify the correct divisibility rules, but they lose two points when they choose the wrong number.

11853  11861

Check out the full collection!



Back-to-School Math Activities September 5, 2016

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Start the new school year with some back-to-school math activities compliments of Math in the News. We have three recent issues that deal with different topics:

Math in the News offer real-world applications of math.

Note: This version of Math in the News was created using Slide Show Creator, which is Media4Math’s proprietary tool for creating online instructional module. With Slide Show Creator, simply share the URL with your students. No log-ing or registration is necessary.

See more free issues of Math in the News here.

See the complete library of Math in the News here.


Lesson Sequence on Functions August 28, 2016

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We have produced a series of online lessons on the topic of functions. As a group, these lessons address the following Common Core standards:

We also have a teacher’s guide for this lesson sequence:
OER Resource: Teacher’s Guide for Functions Lesson Sequence

Here are the lessons:

OER Resource: What Is a Function?
OER Resource: What Are the Domain and Range?
OER Resource: What Is Function Notation?
OER Resource: What Does It Mean to Evaluate a Function?
OER Resource: Sequences and Functions

And here are some new lessons recently added:

OER Resource: Linear Function Models
OER Resource: Quadratic Function Models
OER Resource: Exponential Function Models


These lessons include instructional videos, as well as hands-on math through the use of an embedded Desmos graphing calculator.

Simply click on the links above and go directly to the lesson modules. You can also copy and paste these lesson URLs and include them in your assignments. Students do not need to log into anything. These free resources can be used any time and on any device.


2016 Back-to-School Math Activities August 28, 2016

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Two issues of Math in the News provide some back-to-school activities:

Back to school can be a challenge for returning math students. For many, their skills may have waned over the summer and your first days of school are likely not going to focus on math algorithms. These issues of Math in the News give you some student-friendly ways of resuming their math work in this new year.

Evaluating OER Resources May 22, 2016

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Achieve has developed an evaluation rubric and a training video. Use these to begin incorporating high-quality OER resources.

Rubrics: http://www.achieve.org/files/AchieveOERRubrics.pdf

Video: https://youtu.be/R28mOXH0HKw

Why OER Matters May 22, 2016

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New Holiday-Themed Math Games December 3, 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.39.14 AM

We’ve just launched a series of whack-a-mole-style games themed around the holiday season.

These games are a fun way to review divisibility rules. Click here to see the games.


Math in the News: Issue 107 November 22, 2015

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Before you put that log in the fireplace, take a look at the logarithms involved in thawing frozen turkeys. In this issue of Media4Math we look at “thawing curves” using logarithmic models for thawing a frozen turkey.

Click here to see the current issue of Math in the News.

Holiday-Themed Math Game: Turkey Toss! November 15, 2015

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Use this game to explore the relationship between initial angle and projectile motion. Launch the turkey to hit the pilgrim hat and earn ten points.

Launch the game.

Holiday-Themed Math Game: Turkey Whack! November 8, 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.48.37 PM

In this whack-a-mole style game, find the turkeys that have an even number to get 5 points. But be careful! Whack  the wrong turkey and lose 2 points.


We have added four games total:

Even Numbers: http://www.media4mathplus.com/Asset/11374/Interactive-Math-Game–Turkey-Whack–Even-Numbers

Odd Numbers: http://www.media4mathplus.com/Asset/11375/Interactive-Math-Game–Turkey-Whack–Odd-Numbers

Divisible by 3: http://www.media4mathplus.com/Asset/11376/Interactive-Math-Game–Turkey-Whack–Divisible-by-3

Divisible by 4: http://www.media4mathplus.com/Asset/11377/Interactive-Math-Game–Turkey-Whack–Divisible-by-4


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