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Math in the News: 9/19/11 September 17, 2011

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Math in the News: 9/19/11

In our current issue of Math in the News we look at the geometry of the Freedom Tower at 1 World Trade Center. Arising from the ashes of 9/11, a new tower is scheduled for completionĀ  in 2013.

The architecture of the Freedom Tower reveals some interesting surprises. For one thing, the main body of the tower is, unlike most office towers, not a rectangular prism. Instead, the structure is that of an antiprism. This animated sequence gives a 360Ā° view of an antiprism.

A square antiprism can be unfolded to create two pyramids, as shown in this animated sequence.

This geometric property reveals a lot about the architecture of the Freedom Tower and how it serves as a memorial to the Twin Towers.

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