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New Tutorials: Adding and Subtracting Fractions October 28, 2013

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As part of our newest uploads of content to Media4Math+, we’ve added tutorials for adding fractions¬†and subtracting fractions. These worked-out examples include adding and subtracting fractions under these conditions:

Our tutorials provide extensive examples, going beyond what can be found in a textbook, providing a way to better understand the nuances of solving problems.

We also reproduce the complete set of tutorials as Slideshare presentations.


Do you use Algebra Tiles? October 23, 2013

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As part of the launch of our new Math Solvers page on Media4Math+, we’ve just unveiled several Math Solvers that deal with Algebra Tiles.

The first allows students to add two integers and model the sum using tiles. As with all our Math Solvers, the user inputs values, in this case there is a drop-down menu for selecting each integer.

Once you select the two integers, then press the CALCULATE button to see a detailed solution–not just an answer. The goal is to provide instructional value, while solving a specific math problem.

The other Math Solver allows a student to solve equations of the form x + a = b, using Algebra Tiles. As with the first solver, select the parameters.

After selecting the parameters, press SOLVE to see a detailed solution.

Click here to see all of our Algebra Tiles resources on Media4Math+.

Tutorials for the TI-Nspire iPad App October 8, 2013

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Media4Math has new tutorials for the Nspire iPad App.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our first collection of tutorials exclusively for the TI-Nspire iPad App. These PowerPoint-based tutorials walk you through the use of the App. As with our other tutorials, we focus on math concept development, not just button pushing.

The new iPad App has all the functionality of the handheld, but with a very different interface. These tutorials will walk you through that.

The first batch of tutorials cover these topics:

We reproduce them here as Slideshare Presentations:

The Rise and Fall of Blackberry October 1, 2013

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In our current issue of Math in the News, we look at the financial woes of Blackberry. Here was a company that at one time was the preeminent supplier of phones and other handheld devices. But in what seems like the blink of an eye, Blackberry has been reduced to a bit player, and soon won’t even be a publicly held company.

The Blackberry story is a textbook case of a company whose product isn’t hardware, but innovation. For a long time, Blackberry provided innovative solutions to cell phones with email capabilities. Their mini-keyboards became the hallmark of their clever designs.

But along came Apple and Android and the cell phone was transformed into the Smart Phone. Rather than merely a phone with email capability, the iPhone, and later Android phones, turned Blackberry devices into quaint relics. From 2008 to 2012, Smart Phones outpaced older-style Blackberry devices. Blackberry responded with similarly styled Smart Phones, but it was too late.

The evidence of Blackberry’s decline is obvious by analyzing its financial statements. In two issues of Math in the News we analyze Blackberry’s finances. The analysis confirms that Blackberry just couldn’t sell its own version of Smart Phones.

Financial analysis of publicly traded companies should not just be the domain of stockbrokers and Wall St. people. There is a lot of good data that can be mined and used in a math class. We will continue to publish more analyses of this type, in order to encourage math teachers too analyze real-world data. Once you do, you’ll be astounded at the wealth of material to work with.

Here we reproduce the current issue of Math in the News.

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