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Halloween-Themed Math Resources October 15, 2016

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Media4Math has created a collection of math resources that are Halloween themed. This collection includes games, interactives, presentations, and more. To see the complete collection, go here.

Start with our Pumpkin π activity: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/231/Pumpkin-Pi. In this multi-grade activity students measure the diameter and circumference of different sized pumpkins, create a scatterplot, estimate the line of best fit, and determine the slope of the line. This hands-on activity is a great way to explore the concept of π, while weaving in other concepts.



Or try our whack-a-mole games. This suite of games test divisibility rules. Depending on the game, students are either “whacking” pumpkins or bats with numbers on them. Students gain points when they identify the correct divisibility rules, but they lose two points when they choose the wrong number.

11853  11861

Check out the full collection!



2016 Back-to-School Math Activities August 28, 2016

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Two issues of Math in the News provide some back-to-school activities:

Back to school can be a challenge for returning math students. For many, their skills may have waned over the summer and your first days of school are likely not going to focus on math algorithms. These issues of Math in the News give you some student-friendly ways of resuming their math work in this new year.

Math in the News: Why Ebola Is So Dangerous November 22, 2014

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In our latest issue of Math in the News we examine the Ebola virus mathematically. We explore mathematical models of viral growth and discover why Ebola is such a dangerous virus. (This issue of Math in the News was created using Slide Show Creator.)

Here is the direct link to the issue: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/107/Math-in-the-News–Why-Ebola-Is-So-Dangerous

Click on the Share button and share this issue of Math in the News with colleagues.

Math in the News: Comet Landing November 14, 2014

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In our latest issue of Math in the News we look at the Geometry of the Philae satellite that recently landed on a comet. Here is the direct link: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/105/Math-in-the-News–Comet-Landing


Online Instructional Module: Solving One-Step Equations November 10, 2014

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Media4Math has just published a new Online Instructional Module: Solving One-Step Equations. This module was created using Media4Math’s Slide Show Creator. It aggregates a number of resources from Media4Math+, along with content from GoogleDocs. This particular module gives an overview of the four types of one-step equations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It includes 32 worked-out examples of solving each of these types of equations, and it also provides an interactive that analyzes how to solve addition and subtraction equations.

Here is the direct link to the module: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/101/Solving-One-Step-Equations.

Share this link with colleagues or students. Using Slide Show Creator allows you to create Online Instructional Modules of this sort, which can include your own content. Sharing them with students is as easy as sharing a URL. You can even post these modules to your class Social Media posts.


Creating Math Pages with GoogleDocs November 9, 2014

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GoogleDocs has made it easier to create Math Pages, and this is great news for Math educators. While Word provides easy integration of MathType into the preparation of document with Math equations, GoogleDocs offers a better collaborative environment. And now with the ability to embed equations into your documents, you can easily create great-looking Math Pages via GoogleDocs.

This Slide Show Creator presentation goes through the various options you have for embedding equations, including the easy integration of MathType content into your GoogleDocs. This presentation also shows you some options for creating Graphing Calculator-style graphics for your documents, using one of GoogleDocs’ Add-Ons.

Please share this presentation with your colleagues: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/102/Creating-Math-Pages-in-GoogleDocs.


Math Labs October 11, 2010

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Video-based critical thinking activities for math are a rare thing. Math videos tend to focus too heavily on algorithms. And do we have to see a sweatered chap standing at a whiteboard “teaching” us math?

Media4Math’s Math Labs are short video clips that engage students critically. For example, this Math Lab explores slope using a fairly common experience: walking up a staircase. Students intuitively know that it’s easier to walk up a steep set of stairs in a zigzag manner than straight up the stairs, but they have never seen the connection between that experience and the concept of slope. Use this video to anchor the concept of slope, and in the process bring in some data gathering.

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