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Halloween-Themed Math Resources October 15, 2016

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Media4Math has created a collection of math resources that are Halloween themed. This collection includes games, interactives, presentations, and more. To see the complete collection, go here.

Start with our Pumpkin π activity: http://www.media4mathplus.com/SlideShow/231/Pumpkin-Pi. In this multi-grade activity students measure the diameter and circumference of different sized pumpkins, create a scatterplot, estimate the line of best fit, and determine the slope of the line. This hands-on activity is a great way to explore the concept of π, while weaving in other concepts.



Or try our whack-a-mole games. This suite of games test divisibility rules. Depending on the game, students are either “whacking” pumpkins or bats with numbers on them. Students gain points when they identify the correct divisibility rules, but they lose two points when they choose the wrong number.

11853  11861

Check out the full collection!



Holiday Clip Art Collection: Halloween October 26, 2015

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Here is the link to our latest holiday clip art collection, this one for Halloween:

Holiday Clip Art Collection: Halloween

This collection shows various Halloween-themed images as 3D figures and as 2D shapes. Encourage your students to think of other Halloween images and describe them geometrically.

Here are the individual images in the presentation as downloadable JPG images. Simply right-click on each link to download the image.


Vampire Coffin

Witch’s Hat

Candy Corn



Chocolate Bar

Mint Candy



Holiday Math Activities: Spider Webs and Polygons October 23, 2015

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HalloweenMath-01 copy

Here is another holiday-themed activity that looks at the geometry of spider webs. Use this activity to review basic concepts of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons.

Use this Slide Show Creator presentation. It includes all the components you need: an embedded video and a worksheets.


Here is a direct link to the worksheet. Right-click to download it.


Here is the link to the YouTube video embedded in the Slide Show Creator presentation.



Holiday Math Activities: Halloween Approximation October 17, 2015

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Here is a downloadable Word version, for easy printing. CandyCornMathActivity

During the holiday season, finding ways of weaving math into the festivities is an interesting challenge. There are many ways of doing this, and here is an approximation activity that should encourage your students to critically think about math. The image below can be printed as a transparency for use on a whiteboard or overhead projector.


Here are downloadable versions of this activity. Simply right-click on the link and download the file.

* Color JPG version 

* Grayscale JPG version

* PDF version

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