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Holiday Math Activities: Halloween Approximation October 17, 2015

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Here is a downloadable Word version, for easy printing. CandyCornMathActivity

During the holiday season, finding ways of weaving math into the festivities is an interesting challenge. There are many ways of doing this, and here is an approximation activity that should encourage your students to critically think about math. The image below can be printed as a transparency for use on a whiteboard or overhead projector.


Here are downloadable versions of this activity. Simply right-click on the link and download the file.

* Color JPG version 

* Grayscale JPG version

* PDF version

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The Costa Concordia Resurfaces! September 19, 2013

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In two issues of Math in the News, we explore the math and physics behind the sinking and resurfacing of the Costa Concordia, which remained off the Italian coast for over a year. The impressive engineering feet of resurfacing the ship involved a clever solution, which we explore graphically.


Here we reproduce the current issue of Math in the News as a Slideshare presentation.

Diana Nyad’s Epic Swim September 4, 2013

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In our current issue of Math in the News we look at Diana Nyad’s remarkable swim from Havana to Key West, Florida. We analyze the time and distance covered and use that as an opportunity to explore Average Speed.

Average Speed results in a linear function, and is useful for describing overall motion. But it’s not as useful for describing motion at specific locations and times. So, we analyze the data generated from Nyad’s swim relative to the Average Speed. This provides an excellent opportunity to see how disparate data points are smoothed out by the Average Speed function.

We reproduce the Math in the News issue as a SlideShare Presentation here:

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